Peruvian Exporting Companies


  • Be an export company or a company with export potential.
  • Be a Peruvian export company with national commercial offer.
  • Have completed the exporter’s test..
  • Belong to the manufacturing industry.
  • Must not have debts with PROMPERU or been sanctioned.

Why participate?

  • Business contact with more than 180 international buyers.
  • Specialized buyers in every manufacturing sub-sector.
  • Personalized invitations to potential buyers from your business portfolio.
  • 30-minute business matchmaking meetings.
  • Buyers previously-arranged manufacturing plant visits.
  • Peruvian machinery exhibition.
  • International networking.

How to participate?

  • Exporting companies will have the possibility to schedule customized business meetings through the B2B Matchmaking online platform. Participating companies will also be able to visit different manufacturing plants between June 12 and 14, 2019.
  • Companies interested in participating must register previously. Once the registration is approved, they’ll have access to the B2B Matchmaking platform and will be able to start scheduling business meetings.